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Tanzania : Upgrade to tarmac level the Tanga-Horohoro Road January 30, 2009

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Package 1: Lot 1 A101 : Upgrading of tanga – Horohoro (68 km) Package 2: Upgrading of Mtwara Corridor comprising: lot 1 A301: songea – Namtumbo (61 km) and Lot 2 A401 Peramiho Jct – Mbinga (78 Km) Package 3: Tunduma-Sumbawanga comprising: Lot 1: A2011 Tunduma-Ikana (64Km) Lot 2: A2012 Ikana- laela (64Km) and Lot 3 A2013 Laela – Sumbawanga (96.5 Km)

The government expects to upgrade to tarmac level the Tanga-Horohoro Road during the 2008/2009 financial year, the National Assembly was told here yesterday. The Minister for Infrastructure Development, Dr Shukuru Kawambwa, told the National Assembly that the road would be constructed with the assistance from the US government through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

The 65-kilometre long Tanga-Horohoro Road is one of five roads with a total of 439.5 kilometers in length that would be upgraded to tarmac level through the MCC, he said. The minister also said those who would be affected by the exercise of upgrading the road would be compensated fairly as soon as changes in the environmental impact assessment report are made and approved.

Dr Kawambwa told the National Assembly that the government had already prepared tender documents, conducted a feasibility study and submitted an environmental impact assessment report to the MCC but the corporation wanted a few changes to the report. The minister was responding to a question from the MP for Mkinga, Mr Mbaruk Mwandoro, who wanted to know when the government would start upgrading the road to tarmac level and when people affected by the exercise would be compensated.

More info and contacts:
Project Coordinator Tanzania National Roads Agency Haiday Plaza – Kisutu Street Dar es Salaam
Deadline: 24/03/2009
Millenium Challenge Account – Tanzania (MCA-T)

Dar es Salaam
Telefono: +255 222124634
Fax: +255 222124644
E-mail: numuqa@yahoo.com
Web: http://www.mca-t.go.tz



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Telephone: +1 212/487 7872
Fax: +1 212/487 7822
E-mail: acelestin@dot.nyc.gov

FRANCE : Nuclear Plant dismantling work. January 20, 2009

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Chooz France Nuclear Plant (Google Maps)Design, production, installation and commissioning of a circuit up water filtration and purification for the dismantling of the nuclear reactor during decommissioning of the plant CHOOZ A.
This system provides the following functions:
– Filling the pool from reactor
– Transfer to sheets of the ETS by the movement of water,
– Water treatment before discharge (filtration – purification)
– Treatment of water during the decommissioning operations.
The provision also includes the provision of equipment to the packaging waste produced by the secondary treatment systems.
Estimated value excluding VAT between 4 000 000 and 5 000 000 EUR.
EDF, 20, place de la Défense, Attn: Bernard Dispa, F-92050 Paris La Défense Cédex. Tel. +33 472824144.
E-mail: bernard.dispa@edf.fr.
Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 9.2.2009 – 11:00.

Jordan : Wadi Amman land restoration project January 17, 2009

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The Greater Amman Municipality (“GAM”) is pleased to announce that it is seeking interested parties for the development of lands located at the eastern gateway to the City of Amman and defined as the Wadi Amman Project .  The purpose of this Request for Prequalification (“PQ”) is to identify interested parties with the appropriate expertise and qualifications to undertake this Project, and establish a shortlist of Qualified Participants who will be invited to respond to a detailed Request for Proposals (“RFP”).  From the RFP, a Successful Participant will be selected to enter into agreement with GAM to execute the Project.

Wadi Amman Districts

Wadi Amman Districts

Wadi Amman is a land assembly located to the southwest of the historic Hedjaz Railway Station and to the northeast incorporating the Roman Amphitheatre. The 3-kilometre strip, approximately 150 metres at its widest point, serves as the eastern gateway to historic downtown Amman for visitors traveling from Zarqa and points beyond. The character of Wadi Amman is defined by its location along the seil and transportation arteries (Al Jaysh Highway and King Abdullah I Street) that distinguish Wadi Amman from its surrounding communities.
GAM recognizes the different characteristics in Wadi Amman and has therefore divided it into three distinct districts: (1) Wadi Philadelphia; (2) Wadi Ragadan; and (3) Wadi Mahatta. This PQ is concerned only with District 1 and 2; as such the subject parcel of land measures approximately 27 Hectares. The Project Area (i.e., District 1 and 2) includes some historical monuments and few heritage buildings that defined the main characteristics of the City of Amman. For example, the Wadi Philadelphia District was at one time part of the Region of the Decapolis (ancient cities of the Roman Empire), thus a number of significant antiquity sites are still found in the area, most notably the Roman Amphitheatre located on the Wadi Philadelphia lands and the Roman Citadel also located in the vicinity of the Project Area…..

…….Right Click to downlad the full DocumentFull Document

A pre-qualification meeting with GAM will be held on 1st Feb. 2009 at 10:00 a.m. at the City Hall, Ras Al-Ein. All prospective applicants are invited to attend in order to be briefed on the project and the prequalification process. All interested parties are required to confirm on their attendance no later than 7 days prior to prequalification meeting date.
Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) Tendering and Procurement Directorate
Contact Person: Eng. Mutasem Hindawi (Executive Director of Supply Chain and Acquisition)
Eng. Omar Maani (Mayor

City Hall, Ras Al-Ein, Omar Matar Street
PO Box 132
Amman Jordan

Tel.: +962 6 4642408 / 4636111 ext. 2205 / 2206 / 2207
Fax: +962 6 4610231 / 4621086
E-mail: gam.tenders@ammancity.gov.jo


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Sana , YemenInvitation to Prequalify Companies for Designing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Installing, Training, Start-up and Commissioning of 400 MW MABAR GAS TURBINE POWER STATION.
Invitation are due to sent out to qualified companies to submit their bids by 13th of April 2009.
The pre-qualification will be processed in accordance with the instructions provided in a Prequalification Document. The invitation is open to all companies from countries specified in the prequalification.
For more information on the Prequalification Document, please contact the address shown below during working hours (8:00 AM to 3:00 PM).
Applicants interested in purchasing the Prequalification Document are requested to submit their written application request to the address shown below, and enclose with their application a non-refundable amount of $200. The application should be sent in a sealed and stamped envelope to the address shown below. Applications should be received by 11th March 2009.
The qualified companies for Marib Gas Power Plant Project (Phase II) 400 MW should not submit their applications but the letter of interest is required.
The Prequalification Document will be put out on the following websites:
The PEC website (www.pec.com.ye). Then log on to Bids and advertisement.
The official website can also be accessed through the service provider (y.net).


Ministry of Electricity & Energy
Public Electricity Corporation
P.O.BOX 178
TEL. 00967 1 328 141/2/3/4 FAX 00967 1 328 150/1

Spain : PRIOR INFORMATION NOTICE Advertising Campaign January 16, 2009

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Acquisition of media for advertising campaigns in the Plan Advertising and Institutional Communication of the Ministry of Health and
Consumption, which are expected to tender for the year 2009 :  traveling on vacation (holy week and summer) services to support prevention activities HIV-AIDS infection of women’s health to hand hygiene safety patients.(automatic translation)

Estimated cost excluding VAT: EUR 4 163 793.10.


Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo. Dirección General de Recursos Humanos y Servicios Económico-Presupuestarios, Paseo del Prado, 18-20,
Attn: Román Encabo Rodríguez, E-28071 Madrid. Tel. +34 915961872. E-mail: rencabo@msc.es. Fax +34 915961547/48.
Internet address(es): www.contrataciondelestado.es.

Greece :50 million euro’s are Transport needs of Greek Island: January 16, 2009

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Hellenic Republic - Ministry of Mercantile Marine

Hellenic Republic - Ministry of Mercantile Marine

The cover transport needs of the Greek Islands, the connection between them and the mainland as well as economic, social and territorial cohesion of the Greek State to public service in coastal connection for which no business case. (automatic translation).

Estimated value excluding VAT:
Range: between 52 288 760 and 59 103 600 EUR.

Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
11.3.2009 – 10:00.

poyrgeio Emporikis Naytilias Aigaioy kai Nisiotikis Politikis Geniki Grammateia Aigaioy kai Nisiotikis Politikis, Mikras Asias 2, Attn: Koytroylos Konstantinos, GR-81100 Mytilini. Tel.  +30 2251038350. E-mail: agones@ypai.gr. Fax  +30 2251041226.www.yen.gr.

GR-Athens: Hellenic Navy repair and maintenance services of ships January 16, 2009

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triShips, vessels and floating structures in the P.N Nafstathmous Salamis and Crete One 1 year of service with the right three-month extension on the same terms and prices
Estimated value excluding VAT: 950 000 EUR.
Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:

16.3.2009 – 13:00.

Geniko Epiteleio Naytikoy/Kentro Efodiasmoy Naytikoy/Tmima Ergolabion kai Ekpoiiseon, Anotati Epitropi Promitheion – Paparigopoyloy 2, Contact: Anotati Epitropi Promitheion, GR-10561 Athina. Tel. +30 2103234463. Fax +30 2103234463.
Internet address(es):
General address of the contracting authority: www.hellenicnavy.gr.

CHINA : Bids For Incineration Power Franchise Project Of Taizhou Urban Refuse Disposal Center (BOT) January 15, 2009

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Power PlantBid No.: 0747-0840SITC8610

Luqiao Branch Office of Taizhou Construction & Planning Bureau authorized by Taizhou Luqiao People’s Government, entrusts SINOCHEM International Tendering Co., Ltd. as the bidding agency to invite the public bidding for Concessionary Unit Of Incineration Power Project Of Taizhou Urban Refuse Disposal Center. Now, the interested eligible bidders are invited to submit the sealed bids in an independent juridical person unit or joint venture.

1. Project introduction

1) Project name: Taizhou Urban Refuse Disposal Center Incineration Power Franchise Project (hereinafter referred to as “Project”)

2) Project site: Shitang, Pengjie Township, Luqiao District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

3) Project size: The designed daily urban refuse disposal capacity is 800 tons and the annual disposal capacity is 290,000 tons. The future daily disposal capacity is 1200 tons and the bidder should consider the reservation in the construction plan.

4) The total investment amount is about RMB290 million yuan. To ensure the project construction level, the total investment shall not be less than RMB260 million yuan.

5) Project franchise period: The franchise rights period is 29 years since the effect date of the agreement (including the construction period of two years).

2. Content of bids:

The successful bidder is selected through the public bidding and form into the project company, which is responsible for the investment, construction, operation management of Taizhou Urban Refuse Disposal Center Incineration Power Franchise Project in the franchise rights period and the transfer upon the expiration of franchise rights period.

3. Qualification for bidder:

(1) The bidder shall be an enterprise juridical person duly organized, validly existing according to the law. Meanwhile, the bidder shall have no subordinate relationship with the purchaser and the consultation unit or its affiliated organization for finishing the technology standard and bid document.

(2) The member of joint venture shall not be more than 2, and the investment proportion (share proportion of project company) of the leading party shall not be less than 51%.

(3) The independent bidder or the leading party of joint venture shall have the investment construction or the operation management achievement of not less than 500 t/d urban refuse incineration power plant, which the furnace of incineration process is the fluidizer.

(4) The net asset of the audited financial statement in the recent three years of an independent bidder or the leading party of joint venture shall not be less than RMB200 million yuan.

(5) Neither an independent bidder or the member of joint venture can attend the dual or multiple bids.


Purchaser: Luqiao Branch Office of Taizhou Construction & Planning Bureau

Bidding agency: SINOCHEM International Tendering Co., Ltd.

Contact: Liu Yinghua

Tel: 0086-10-88078970, Mao Shibo

Tel: 0086-10-88079223

Fax: 0086-10-88079323

Post code: 100045

Email: liuyinghua@sinochem.com, maoshibo@sinochem.com

Address: Room 2001, 20/F SINOCHEM Tower, A2 Fuxingmenwai Street, Beijing City, China

A/C name: SINOCHEM International Tendering Co., Ltd.

Opening bank: Beijing Fuwai Branch of Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

A/C No.: 0200048509022104668

Building – Floraville Public School January 15, 2009

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Building and Construction and Maintenance Services The works include: Demolition of Block H & associated Site Works/Services & removal of nominated trees. The relocation, rebuilding & reinstatement of Block I. Construction of Block K (Hall, Toilets & C.O.L.A.) linked by new covered ways to existing/new buildings. Construction of Block J, with facilities for (School Administration & Library), linked by new covered ways to existing/new buildings . Internal/external refurbishment & conversion of Block A to accommodate 4 Homebases.

Internal refurbishment/conversion of Block B ground floor to accommodate 2 Homebases.

Works to Block D incl, provision of new subfloor access & associated sub floor works, conversion of Main Switch Room to EDB/associated building works, incl. internal painting to northern rooms. Removal & lawful disposal of hazardous materials.

Refurbishment/reinstatement of Block I into 2 Homebases. Construction of new vehicle entries/crossovers, access & service roads, bulk waste pad, car parking & associated landscaping works. Construction of new retaining walls, stairs, ramps, paving, landscaping, making good of disturbed areas & all associated siteworks & services. Supply & installation of new Main Switch Board, Consumer Mains, Substation & associated works, site reticulation & all other associated works. Construction of a complying underground stormwater detention tank & all associated siteworks, landscaping & services. Construction of a rainwater harvesting system with underground storage tanks & all associated siteworks, landscaping & services. Provision of a complying fire fighting system & associated works.

Commerce OPWS PMG Programs Branch
Person: Nick Chipizubov
Telephone: +61 02 9372 8591
E-mail: nick.chipizubov@commerce.nsw.gov.au