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Jordan : Wadi Amman land restoration project January 17, 2009

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The Greater Amman Municipality (“GAM”) is pleased to announce that it is seeking interested parties for the development of lands located at the eastern gateway to the City of Amman and defined as the Wadi Amman Project .  The purpose of this Request for Prequalification (“PQ”) is to identify interested parties with the appropriate expertise and qualifications to undertake this Project, and establish a shortlist of Qualified Participants who will be invited to respond to a detailed Request for Proposals (“RFP”).  From the RFP, a Successful Participant will be selected to enter into agreement with GAM to execute the Project.

Wadi Amman Districts

Wadi Amman Districts

Wadi Amman is a land assembly located to the southwest of the historic Hedjaz Railway Station and to the northeast incorporating the Roman Amphitheatre. The 3-kilometre strip, approximately 150 metres at its widest point, serves as the eastern gateway to historic downtown Amman for visitors traveling from Zarqa and points beyond. The character of Wadi Amman is defined by its location along the seil and transportation arteries (Al Jaysh Highway and King Abdullah I Street) that distinguish Wadi Amman from its surrounding communities.
GAM recognizes the different characteristics in Wadi Amman and has therefore divided it into three distinct districts: (1) Wadi Philadelphia; (2) Wadi Ragadan; and (3) Wadi Mahatta. This PQ is concerned only with District 1 and 2; as such the subject parcel of land measures approximately 27 Hectares. The Project Area (i.e., District 1 and 2) includes some historical monuments and few heritage buildings that defined the main characteristics of the City of Amman. For example, the Wadi Philadelphia District was at one time part of the Region of the Decapolis (ancient cities of the Roman Empire), thus a number of significant antiquity sites are still found in the area, most notably the Roman Amphitheatre located on the Wadi Philadelphia lands and the Roman Citadel also located in the vicinity of the Project Area…..

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A pre-qualification meeting with GAM will be held on 1st Feb. 2009 at 10:00 a.m. at the City Hall, Ras Al-Ein. All prospective applicants are invited to attend in order to be briefed on the project and the prequalification process. All interested parties are required to confirm on their attendance no later than 7 days prior to prequalification meeting date.
Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) Tendering and Procurement Directorate
Contact Person: Eng. Mutasem Hindawi (Executive Director of Supply Chain and Acquisition)
Eng. Omar Maani (Mayor

City Hall, Ras Al-Ein, Omar Matar Street
PO Box 132
Amman Jordan

Tel.: +962 6 4642408 / 4636111 ext. 2205 / 2206 / 2207
Fax: +962 6 4610231 / 4621086
E-mail: gam.tenders@ammancity.gov.jo


HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge to start construction in 2009 January 15, 2009

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macau1A mega bridge linking Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai will start the construction this year, said Du Ying, Vice Chairman of China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), at a press conference on Thursday.

The central government will allocate RMB 5 billion for the project and holds the idea the bridge can help the export enterprises within the area to sell their products in mainland China.

With a total length of 29 km, the bridge ranks the longest in the world, and is expected to enhance the overall competitiveness of the Pearl River Delta.
Source: China Business New

Building – Floraville Public School January 15, 2009

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Building and Construction and Maintenance Services The works include: Demolition of Block H & associated Site Works/Services & removal of nominated trees. The relocation, rebuilding & reinstatement of Block I. Construction of Block K (Hall, Toilets & C.O.L.A.) linked by new covered ways to existing/new buildings. Construction of Block J, with facilities for (School Administration & Library), linked by new covered ways to existing/new buildings . Internal/external refurbishment & conversion of Block A to accommodate 4 Homebases.

Internal refurbishment/conversion of Block B ground floor to accommodate 2 Homebases.

Works to Block D incl, provision of new subfloor access & associated sub floor works, conversion of Main Switch Room to EDB/associated building works, incl. internal painting to northern rooms. Removal & lawful disposal of hazardous materials.

Refurbishment/reinstatement of Block I into 2 Homebases. Construction of new vehicle entries/crossovers, access & service roads, bulk waste pad, car parking & associated landscaping works. Construction of new retaining walls, stairs, ramps, paving, landscaping, making good of disturbed areas & all associated siteworks & services. Supply & installation of new Main Switch Board, Consumer Mains, Substation & associated works, site reticulation & all other associated works. Construction of a complying underground stormwater detention tank & all associated siteworks, landscaping & services. Construction of a rainwater harvesting system with underground storage tanks & all associated siteworks, landscaping & services. Provision of a complying fire fighting system & associated works.

Commerce OPWS PMG Programs Branch
Person: Nick Chipizubov
Telephone: +61 02 9372 8591
E-mail: nick.chipizubov@commerce.nsw.gov.au