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Tanzania : Upgrade to tarmac level the Tanga-Horohoro Road January 30, 2009

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Package 1: Lot 1 A101 : Upgrading of tanga – Horohoro (68 km) Package 2: Upgrading of Mtwara Corridor comprising: lot 1 A301: songea – Namtumbo (61 km) and Lot 2 A401 Peramiho Jct – Mbinga (78 Km) Package 3: Tunduma-Sumbawanga comprising: Lot 1: A2011 Tunduma-Ikana (64Km) Lot 2: A2012 Ikana- laela (64Km) and Lot 3 A2013 Laela – Sumbawanga (96.5 Km)

The government expects to upgrade to tarmac level the Tanga-Horohoro Road during the 2008/2009 financial year, the National Assembly was told here yesterday. The Minister for Infrastructure Development, Dr Shukuru Kawambwa, told the National Assembly that the road would be constructed with the assistance from the US government through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

The 65-kilometre long Tanga-Horohoro Road is one of five roads with a total of 439.5 kilometers in length that would be upgraded to tarmac level through the MCC, he said. The minister also said those who would be affected by the exercise of upgrading the road would be compensated fairly as soon as changes in the environmental impact assessment report are made and approved.

Dr Kawambwa told the National Assembly that the government had already prepared tender documents, conducted a feasibility study and submitted an environmental impact assessment report to the MCC but the corporation wanted a few changes to the report. The minister was responding to a question from the MP for Mkinga, Mr Mbaruk Mwandoro, who wanted to know when the government would start upgrading the road to tarmac level and when people affected by the exercise would be compensated.

More info and contacts:
Project Coordinator Tanzania National Roads Agency Haiday Plaza – Kisutu Street Dar es Salaam
Deadline: 24/03/2009
Millenium Challenge Account – Tanzania (MCA-T)

Dar es Salaam
Telefono: +255 222124634
Fax: +255 222124644
E-mail: numuqa@yahoo.com
Web: http://www.mca-t.go.tz


Turkey:TEIAS´s Market Management System (MMS) Project January 15, 2009

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The evaluation report is expected nowadays to be prepared by the Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS) and forwarded to the World Bank for the tender of the international Day-Ahead Market Trading System and Reconciliation System Procurement and Implementation Project, which is covered by the National Transmission System Project II and is the highest amount of investment item of the loan package of USD 66 million procured from the World Bank.
TEIAS, which has targeted to sign the tender contract before 2008 ends according to the work schedule prepared for the tender whose bids were received on July 16, 2008, will nowadays prepare the evaluation report. The report to be prepared for the project, whose evaluation works have been intensified as of the second half of December, will firstly submitted to the World Bank for approval. TEIAS will also resort to the approval of the Executive Board for finalization of the report and conclusion of the tender.
Areva+Havelsan had submitted the lowest bid of € 2.4 million for the tender on the basis of bid opening session prices read out by the Commission, and that the second lowest bidder was Spanish Atos Orgin SA with its bid of € 2.9 million. In the same news story of us, we reported that Siemens and ABB among the leading companies of the sector had participated in the tender, and that Indra System SA had also submitted bids for the tender.
Although the Tender Commission targets to finalize the tender in October, the activities lagged behind the work schedule prepared for the project since the evaluation works took longer than expected, and a delay was experienced in the contract envisaged to be signed in 2008. Areva+Havelsan, which submitted the lowest bid according to the prices read out by the Commission, has still a chance
Sources close to the subject reported that Areva+Havelsan, which had submitted the lowest bid of € 2,378,400 on the basis of bid opening session prices read out by the Commission, had still a chance. Stating that Areva worked on MMS also in other countries, the same sources pointed out that the tender result would be clarified through the Commission Report to be prepared.

Contact: http://www.teias.gov.tr/