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Turkey:TEIAS´s Market Management System (MMS) Project January 15, 2009

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The evaluation report is expected nowadays to be prepared by the Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS) and forwarded to the World Bank for the tender of the international Day-Ahead Market Trading System and Reconciliation System Procurement and Implementation Project, which is covered by the National Transmission System Project II and is the highest amount of investment item of the loan package of USD 66 million procured from the World Bank.
TEIAS, which has targeted to sign the tender contract before 2008 ends according to the work schedule prepared for the tender whose bids were received on July 16, 2008, will nowadays prepare the evaluation report. The report to be prepared for the project, whose evaluation works have been intensified as of the second half of December, will firstly submitted to the World Bank for approval. TEIAS will also resort to the approval of the Executive Board for finalization of the report and conclusion of the tender.
Areva+Havelsan had submitted the lowest bid of € 2.4 million for the tender on the basis of bid opening session prices read out by the Commission, and that the second lowest bidder was Spanish Atos Orgin SA with its bid of € 2.9 million. In the same news story of us, we reported that Siemens and ABB among the leading companies of the sector had participated in the tender, and that Indra System SA had also submitted bids for the tender.
Although the Tender Commission targets to finalize the tender in October, the activities lagged behind the work schedule prepared for the project since the evaluation works took longer than expected, and a delay was experienced in the contract envisaged to be signed in 2008. Areva+Havelsan, which submitted the lowest bid according to the prices read out by the Commission, has still a chance
Sources close to the subject reported that Areva+Havelsan, which had submitted the lowest bid of € 2,378,400 on the basis of bid opening session prices read out by the Commission, had still a chance. Stating that Areva worked on MMS also in other countries, the same sources pointed out that the tender result would be clarified through the Commission Report to be prepared.

Contact: http://www.teias.gov.tr/


Turkey : DHMI´ Ýzmit Cengiz Topel Airport Project January 15, 2009

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Agreement has been reached with the Naval Forces Command in the conditions of protocol to hold a tender on TOR Model towards the civilian terminal facilities of the Military Airport. Bids are planned to be received in the first half of 2009.
Agreement has been in the negotiations being conducted for some with the Naval Forces by State Airports Administration (DHMI) so as to put out to tender by leasing the civilian terminal facilities of the Cengiz Topel Airport in Ýzmit through Transfer of Operational Rights (TOR) model.

Turkish General Staff and the Naval Forces Command, the owner of the military airport, have presented the operational conditions of their own Airport Protocols recently. Sources close to the subject communicate that DHMI top officials have studied the subject conditions in detail, and after the negotiations held, the official negotiations ended.

Only civilian facilities will be put out to tender of the airport which was transferred to DHMI by the Naval Forces in 2003. Bidding deadline of the tender will be set in line with the timing schedule. It is reported that since the subject tender will be announced through TOR model, the project in question will not be included in the 2009 Investment Program. It is further expressed that the bidder which will offer the highest leasing price in conformity with the specifications will be more advantageous. In this scope, another alternative will be making payment from the gross revenues of the airport. It is noted that the winning operator will have to follow the conditions of Civilian Aviation as well, and that will make necessary revisions that it deems appropriate and will be allowed to render services in domestic and international lines.